Monday, December 6, 2010

Life at El Rio

Life here in the land of El Rio Waterfront park has been pretty laid back and uneventful the past few days.  I have been working on some paintings and designing things for my Zazzel shop.  Thanks to some Rv Dreamers....I have actually sold a few of my Christmas ornaments.  I so appreciate all of you who have passed along my links and supported my efforts to promote and sell some of my art.  
We really enjoy the laid back atmosphere here at the park, but some find it a little boring.  We met our next door neighbors the other day.  Nice couple from Illinois.  They like to go, go, go!  They have been a little bored here at the park.....not enough folks here to socialize with I guess.  The park is a little empty right now, but come January it is supposed to fill up.  We kinda like having the place to ourselves.  Anyway, they are up and out from early morning to evening.....seeing the sights and I think they like visiting the casinos around here too!  Ah well, to each his own.  We do have a couple of places we will be checking out....but we are in no hurry and will probably lay low until the Christmas season has passed.
I was out walking the furballs the other day and another neighbor made a comment about them that I have not heard before.  She said they were cute (well, we hear that a lot cause they are just cute as can but then she added that they look like little sheep.  Never thought of that before, but they kinda do look like sheep and come haircut day they get sheared like what does that make me......a little Bo Peep?


  1. You Go! Little Bo Peep! LOL

    Travel Safe

  2. You know Sherri and I are not real go go go people. We like to kick back and enjoy the patio and the walks we take. We cannot afford to go that much but we find things that are free that fill our day with fun and excitement. Hope you have time to do that too.


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