Friday, December 3, 2010

Pretty In Pink

Living in a fifthwheel, I thought my days of putting up a Christmas tree were probably over.  Not to mention the fact, that I once owned a small gift shop and every Christmas I put up about 4 to 6, I figured I was just over it......well.....guess what......
We were out doing some shopping yesterday and I just couldn't resist this little pink just called out to me.  You all know I just love pink.  I wish it were a 2 foot or a 3 foot tree, but it is 4 feet least it is "skinny".  I don't have any ornaments at this point, but I think she is pretty just the way she is......simply PINK!  I guess she is my Christmas present to me this year and she goes very nicely with my pink flamingo!
Our second purchase is a drinking fountain for our furballs.  We had one of those big 2 gallon water stations and Billy almost always scrubbed it out before refilling, but it still was starting to have an odor.  We saw this at pet's mart and although I figured we could probably get it cheaper on line, I decided to buy it.  Much easier to return a store bought item.  Got it home, read the instructions, and it was up and running in no time.  At first, the furballs were a little skeptical, but eventually they were both lapping away....slurping down that fresh, cold water.

Here it is.  It runs off a 12 volt plug and it is very quiet.  I'm really sensitive to sounds...especially any type of constant hum and I hardly hear this at all.  Now, we do have it on carpet so that might make a difference.  I do hear the "tinkle" of the water running once in a while, but that I don't mind at all.  There is about a 1 1/2 gallon reservoir at the back and a small pump that recirculates the water.  This will have to be cleaned regularly as well, but it all comes easily apart for that purpose.  There is also a charcoal filter that is supposed to be replace every two to four weeks, but I'm not too worried about that.  We filter all the water as it comes into the we will probably just pitched the filter rather than replace it when the time comes.  I did find this available on Amazon for about $10 cheaper.  If you click on my Amazon link at the side of the post, it will take you to the product page.  There you will find all the specifications and several reviews.  So far....we and the furballs like it and I am glad we made the purchase.  I just feel that the water is "cleaner" now and of is all about the furbabies in this household!  We are in the process of looking into some "boots" for them to wear.  Don't laugh!!  More on that subject....later.
As to the weather here in Bullhead City.....things are finally improving.  The cold front and all that wind have moved on it seems.  Yesterday was beautiful and the temps are starting to climb back up into the 70's.  Look out, DAD.....I think that Cold front is headed east and will be dipping it's cold icy fingers into Florida sometime in the next few days.  Better start warming up those toddies....LOL!  And a bit of good news.....actually great news.....We heard back from Goodyear on our tire blow claim.  The are covering it 100%, to the tune of about $3000.00.....Life is indeed GOODE!


  1. Cute Tree!!!

    I bet your kids will really love the new watering bowl. I can just imagine my playing in it!!!!

    Travel Safe

  2. What a pretty pink tree!! What kind of ornaments are you putting on it?

    Sorry to hear 'bout the toilet dilema...yuk.

  3. Yes, the "kids" do love the waterbowl! As to ornaments for my pink least not this year. I think I'd like to start some type of a collection....buying one special ornament each year. But I"m not sure just yet!


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