Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shopping and Farewells

Yesterday was a fun day.  Paulette came by and asked if I would like to go to Jo Ann Fabrics and Trader Joe's (organic grocery).  I said a big yes to that....not often that I get an opportunity to leave Billy at home and have a "girl's day out".  It was great fun and I enjoyed Paulette's company very much.  I'm also sure that Billy enjoyed his time alone at the fiver for a change!
Later that afternoon, we headed over to Rick and Paulette's to say our goodbyes.  They will be pulling out in the morning.  We sure enjoyed meeting them and getting to know them....great folks!
Safe travels you guys!
And I just couldn't resist one more photo of Rylie......she is just a hoot!!  Who knows, I may have to do another painting...this "pose" is hard to resist!

Our little Belle had a good night and good day....seemed to be back to her old self.  This morning, however,  we had another "upset", but she has kept her breakfast down and seems to be her old self....so I'm not sure what is going on.  Right now, I think we will just keep a close eye on her and see how the next couple of days go.  Thanks very much for all your well wishes.
Today is shaping up to be another beautiful day here at the Sands. 


  1. It is sad to say 'so long..see you down the road' to your new friends..have a great day at the Sands!..must be getting pretty empty there with all the 'snowbirds' coming back home!!!
    love the shot of Rylie!..but you know two paintings of her?..what about poor Molly?..her feelings may be hurt?.. :)
    glad to hear that your Belle is feeling a bit better!..hope this 'bout' is one the way out!

  2. We just came back from a long, beautiful walk in the surf on Pismo Beach. We got in here this afternoon at 2:30pm - beautiful weather all the way.

    It was great meeting you and Bill and I hope we cross paths again down the road!

  3. You're right - that is a pretty irresistible shot of Rylie. And poor Belle. I sure hope she's much much better today. The really good news is that when we do say "see you down the road" that means exactly that. It won't be long until we see those friends again or meet new ones. Such a great life.

  4. Just popped by to see what's new at The Sands...having just been on the sands...haha...couldn't resist...you know down at the beach...on the sands!! Yeah, I know...lame! Hope you're having a great day! Thanks again for EVERYTHING!


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