Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Travel Plans and more Zoo Pics

I took a little time off from "blog land" this past week....really hadn't plan too, but that is how it turned out.  We have made our departure plans and we will be pulling out this Saturday and heading over to Vegas for a 3 night stay. I made our reservations at Sam's Town.  The price was not bad and they have a shuttle service to downtown Vegas that runs every 15 minutes.  That way we can come and go as we please and don't have to worry about parking or traffic.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the inside of some of those casinos....and the lights!  We don't gamble, so we will just be enjoying all the sights and sounds.  
Last Monday, I made another trip to the zoo.  I got there around 7am....nice thing about the membership we bought, I can get into the zoo 2 hours before they officially open to the public.  That was so nice.  It was a beautiful morning and I practically had the whole place to myself.  Here are just a few photos.....
 I have no idea...but those ears are way cute!
 I'm not sure, but I think this wild dog is thinking "breakfast"?  Hope the fence holds.
 Gotta love that face!
 Good morning, Sunshine!
Oops!  I don't think he is a morning person....he! he!
I have taken over 1000 zoo my new camera, thanks Billy!  Lots of inspiration for new paintings!


  1. Great shot of the girafee. When you can't shoot animal photographs in the wild, the zoo makes a great alternative. I came back with nearly 1000 photos after an outing to the Smithsonian zoo in January to see our two new litters of lion cubs.

  2. great zoo shots the 'morning kitty'!!

  3. That's one scary looking cat in the last picture. Safe travels to Las Vegas and have fun there!

  4. You're having way too much fun!! Love the pics! I'd say you got your $$ out of that pass and more!! Take care and enjoy Vegas!

  5. Great pictures!!! Too bad you aren't staying in Vegas a little longer. We just got here today. Maybe next time we can time things a little better.


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