Saturday, May 14, 2011

Missing Comments and Firefox 4 and Repairs

Woke up this morning and fired up the computer as usual.....checked to see what all you kind folks had to say about my latest blog and "WHAT!!"  O Comments!  I had comments when I went to bed last night, "What the hey is a going on!"  I quickly went to my Gmail and found all the comments were still in my inbox, but they all should have been automatically posted to my blog.  After a little noodling around, I found out that blogger had apparently done some type of maintenance during the "dark of night" and put in some bad code....screwed everything up.  To restore the system they had to go back to an earlier time....before the bad code....and so a lot of us lost comments.  Apparently they are working on fixing all this mess, we shall see.
My other issue this am is getting used to the new look of FireFox.  I have been using FireFox as my web browser for awhile and I really like it.  I know where all the little buttons are.....ya know, the little house for your home page, the little swirly arrow for refresh.  I did the upgrade to FireFox 4 yesterday and now everything is in a different place.....the whole top of my web page looks askew to me now.  I know I will get used to it, but I guess at this point I just don't understand how moving things around made FireFox any better.  I have yet to explore all the new supposed "bells and whistles", but I doubt I will be impressed.  Has not anyone ever heard the phrase, "If it ain't broke don't fix it!".  LOL!
Which reminds me, we have a kitchenaid mixer that is about 30+ years old.  A real work horse.  One year I bought Billy a "new and improved" model....supposed to be bigger and better.  It was a piece of crap!  Right outta the box it had problems and after much debate, we finally did get the manufacturer to send us a new one.  Still the new just couldn't stand up to our old one.  So we kept the old one and gave the new one to our son.  Sadly our old kitchenaid bit the dust a few days ago...we were both really upset because we didn't know what to go to for a replacement.  But it was Billy to the rescue.....he got online and found replacement parts were still available.  He took it apart and found we had a couple of broken gears.  The new parts came yesterday and he made the repair and she is good as new!!!  YEAH! 


  1. YES... it really stinks that we lost comments. I was surprised too! Glad you were able to find parts for your faithful Kitchenaide. They just don't make things like they use to!!!
    Have fun & travel safe

  2. don't make things like they use to!..most items are now throw aways after a few years!..good for Billy for fixing your much 'loved mixer'!!

  3. I'm avoiding FF4 like the plague....LOL! I have it set the way I like it and had read about the massive changes. Plus I use a LOT of addons and there seems to be no way to know what will/won't work with the new version. I'll wait until forced to change...

  4. I upgraded to FF4 and found that some games I played all the time didn't work as well with it. After struggling with it for a couple weeks, I gave up and reinstalled the previous version. I suppose that I'll eventually have no choice but to upgrade, but maybe by then the problems will have been fixed.


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