Thursday, May 12, 2011


Really?  Are we all still talking about the weather?  Seems the weather is still a "hot topic" around blog land.  I know here in Indiana the temps have jumped up into the high 80's and low 90's with very high humidity.  So unusual for the month of May.  I hate having to run the ac, but we just don't have a choice.  Knocking on wood that the ac continues to perform, it has one of those "come and go" noises.  Occasionally it develops a "rattle" sound....most folks we talk to think it is the fan out of balance.  We have added it to our repair list for Elkhart in June.  Unfortunately, we seem to be building quite a repair list.  I'm sure you remember the trouble with our furnace, then there is the recall on one of the frigs, the low water pressure at the bedroom facet, the damage repair from the blown tire, and yes it is time for new tires all round.  To top that off, we would like to replace our 7000lb axles with 8000lb axles.  I'm still waiting on my washer and dryer and get the idea.  I remember explaining to my son once that "money doesn't grow on trees" and one had to be patient and save for all those toys he wanted.  His reply, "I know money doesn't grow on trees, mom.  You just need to go to the bank and push the buttons on the money machine (ATM)."  I then had to explain to him that we had to have money to put into the machine before we could take it out......a concept he still struggles with I think!  LOL!  
I'll leave you with one more husband commented the other day that I was an "energy star" wife.  I turned and gave him that "what the heck does that mean" look and his reply, "after a few minutes of inactivity my brain goes to sleep".  I think his complaint is that sometimes it (my brain) is difficult to "wake" back up!


  1. Cute post... Hope your AC continues to work. It is funny your post about your son reminded me that my daughter once said when I told her I had no money "Just write a check or use that plastic card" They just didn't have a clue did they!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. Great blog post. We did the Elkhart repair list last year. The list just went on and on. And what do you mean - "money doesn't grow on trees." I was going to come visit you and pick me some.

  3. like the 'energy star' comment..that is funny!!


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