Sunday, December 11, 2011

Busy Times!

We have been so busy, since our arrival here in Tampa.  We spent the first couple of days at my Uncle's marina catching up with family and friends.  Then we moved over to Rice Creek RV park for a couple of avoid the "parking crowd" at my Uncle's annual Christmas Party.  This is a huge event that 100's of folks attend to eat, drink, and be merry!!
Here is our spot at the flamingo welcomes everyone to the "Goode Castle"!
 "The Boys" are seen here putting up the big top for the party!
 One of Santa's reindeer stopped by to read us all a bedtime story.....LOL!
Some of the local wildlife stopped by.....and as promised...
here is one of those beautiful sunsets at the marina.....


  1. That is quite the party that he puts on if he needs a big tent for it. Love the flamingo.

  2. Sounds like fun times ahead!!!
    Travel safe

  3. That's a beautiful sunset!! Enjoy the warmer weather in Florida!

  4. That reindeer is just hilarious - love the bib! And the sunset is gorgeous.

  5. We've been exposed to som cold weather here in Texas. We just got back from Amarillo where it was 7 degrees


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