Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yet...another project

Just what have we been up to this past week?  Well besides enjoying the company of family and friends, Billy decided to track down a leak.  Upon flushing the black tank, the interior of our basement has been getting a good soaking.  Fortunately, it is happening somewhere along the "flush" line so it is clean water.....unfortunately, Billy had to practically dismantle our basement to track the mysterious leak.  First thing was to remove a portion of the under siding, that took a grinder....eeek!  Upon pulling down the insulation, Billy found a dead mouse...(eek again!)... and a million acorns.  Yeah....acorns!  We are assuming those came from our summers up at the river property...where squirrels rule!  Next, he needed better access to the black tank so up came the floor of the basement. 
We had to remove this panel to be able to lift up the floor and expose the black tank.....
Here is is....Billy replaced the spray nozzle.  Not sure if that was part of the problem or not, but only want to do this once.  Where we found the actual leak....yes, WE...I crawled under the fiver too!  The flush line comes into the fiver and then splits to run up inside the wall where there is a "check valve" and then back down to the black tank.  Found out about the "check valve" by calling our RV Guru back in Indiana.  We had leakage where the line split and we suspected the "check valve" was no longer functioning causing the leak where the line splits.  Billy eliminated the check valve all together by placing a ball valve at the split which he can manually open and close as necessary.  Leak be gone...we are dry!  Now comes the task of putting everything back together....but that is for another day.
I'll leave you with this......
This, I believe is a Kingfisher.  He comes everyday and everyday I try to get close enough for a good photo....still not close enough...but I'll keep trying
Caught this guy taking a "fishing break" and scratching that itch!


  1. That is a Kingfisher and that's a very good photo. They are really hard to photograph because they always sit still until right before I get ready to snap a did good!

  2. So glad you found the leak. These RV's can be a nightmare to get at things. We're fighting with our propane this morning. Never a dull moment. And I love the scratching picture. That is priceless.


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