Friday, February 3, 2012

More Critters and a Mishap or two.....

This morning I managed to once again fall out of our fifth wheel.....yeah, second time I have done this.  First time was our first year out and I thought I had learned my lesson, but guess not....bout 6am and furballs and I head out the door, my foot didn't quite land solidly on that first step and off I went with my butt bouncing down those damn stairs!  Landing oh so solidly on the ground, somewhat in a daze.  My furballs were quick to my rescue...licking my face and wagging tails.  Good my Billy slept through the whole thing!  I checked a few body parts and all seems to be in working order although I'm sure some bruises are going to develop in the near future....LOL! 
I did have quite a scare a few days ago....just as I was stepping out of the fiver this guy was in the process of getting comfortable on my mat just outside my doorway.  He actually raised up his head about a foot off the ground and just stared at me......I screeaamed like a girl!  He just kept staring at me for what seemed like forever and then finally meandered away.  These guys have been very active of late...guess they like this warm winter too!
This guy was enjoying the sun as well....
Beautiful jelly fish have been abundant here...
And apparently...LOVE is in the air.....after all Valentine's Day is just around the corner!


  1. So what kind of snake is that? A big one apparently.

  2. Each of those events were not that good on thier own, but just think how much worse it would have been if you had taken the fall and landed on the snake:(!

  3. Debbie - it scares me to death every time I read about somebody falling out of the RV. That's what I did when I broke my ankle and ruptured my Achilles tendon. Please be careful. It's not fun.

    That snake was just plain creepy.

  4. Glad to hear you didn't break anything. A good lesson. I think I'll be more careful exiting the MH

  5. Had Sherri seen that snake...I would have to set my pants on fire to catch her...She would still be running.

    Joe and Sherri


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