Monday, April 2, 2012


Yesterday we made it to the Ozarks Mountain Springs rv park near Mountain View MO.  Driving through the Ozarks was an experience.  The roads were not bad, but a lot of curves and ups and downs.  I had a firm hold on my "old sh-t" handle most of the day yesterday!  LOL!  We had gotten an early start, so we arrived at the rv park around 1:00.  This is a passport America park so the rate was 16.00, but the park is something else.  The sites are close together...and the lay out is very strange.  I swear the guy who designed this must have been drunk.  For example, we are in a east/west pull through our neighbor is in a north/south pull through and our truck bumper is just a very few inches away from his tow vehicle bumper.  Oh well, just for one night....and our site was level enough that we did not have to unhitch.  This is obviously their "off season" as I think there was maybe 4 or 5 of us last night, but I would hate to be here when this place is full!
Today we are back on the road heading toward Kansas City.  Thinking we will spend the night at Peculiar Rv Park in Peculiar MO.  Curious to see what a place named "peculiar" looks like....we will probably fit right in....LOL!

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