Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sioux Falls....we're here!

Yeah, I know last time we "spoke" I mentioned staying in Peculiar.  Well, we got such an early start that morning that we pushed on to Platte City, MO....just north of Kansas City.  Stayed at the Basswood Resort...another Passport Campground.  
 Here is our site....nice long pull through...nice spacing between sites
 Although you can see we didn't have many neighbors.
 This guy stopped by to say "hello"!
 And my first sighting and smelling of one of my favorite flowers.....mmmmm so sweet!
We were both feeling pretty tired that night ... so we didn't leave Platte City til about 11am.  We planned on a short travel day stopping somewhere around Omaha, but a lot of the campgrounds were closed for the season or flooded.  We ended up getting into Sioux Falls about 5pm.  The park we are staying in is right in town....and certainly not a favorite, but it is close to all we need to do.  I think we are going to stay about a week and then head out to the Black Hills.  At least that is the "plan" for now.....Oh...the weather...not to bad.  I had to pull out my sweatshirt this was about 40 degrees, but we are heading for a high in the 60s.  I can live with that....

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