Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birthday Wishes and Drips!

Today is a very special day....."Happy Birthday, Daddy!"  Love ya, bunches!  Hope you have a very "restful" day.....LOL!

Other news here at the lovely AOK.....we have had no water for two days now.  No, can't blame the AOK for this one.  My darling hubby started a project.  He wanted to install our little water softener inside our basement.  To accomplish this, water lines had to be cut and re-directed.  He is having a bit of trouble with his connection points....the leaks are not gushing, but he just can't seem to get rid of that drip....drip.....drip!  Today he has a new plan of fingers crossed, maybe we will have running water by tonight.  In the meantime, we are basically living outta of buckets!  A little primitive for me!  Took a shower at my son's the other day and may have to head back over today too!
The weather here has turned cold.....hitting the 30's at night and barely the 50's in the day.  If it gets much colder I will have to make the ultimate sacrifice and trade in my flip flops for actual, you all know how I feel about that!!

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