Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Time Flies.....

Time Flies.....we all know that don't we.  I don't know where all the days go, but it seems they go by faster and faster.  I can hardly believe that October is half gone!  We have been keeping ourselves busy.  Bill has had some projects on our stick house.  A drainage and sump pump was put in our crawlspace.  Our son and his crew did the drainage system and placed the pump, but it was up to Bill to do the electrical.  He wanted to not only run power to the pump, but also add some lighting down there.  That meant running a new line and adding a new breaker to the electrical box.  Next we had the heating and cooling guys come out and clean and check that system.  It seems we will be needing a new furnace in the "not so distant" future.  Sometimes it feels like that house is an albatross around our necks. BUT it is all normal upkeep and someday we will recoup our investment....till then it is home to our son and his fiancee and "the zoo" and that is a very "Goode" thing!  The "zoo" consist of two beautiful, lovable rescued dogs, one feisty chinchilla, a very large fish tank, and the latest addition...."sugar bears".  If you want to know just what a "sugar bear" is, then check out this link.  The kids have named the chinchilla Simon so naturally the two latest editions have been name Theodore and Alvin!  There is truly never a dull moment at their house and they are lucky to have an animal lover as a landlord....Ha!
We both have been getting our yearly medical visits and "tests" run.  Bill finished up his yesterday.  I have one more "test" and a trip to the doc next week.  Both our furbabies will be making their way to the vet for their yearly check ups as well.  By the time we pay the vet bill and stock up on their meds......I'm expecting around a $500.00 hit to the budget!  October is a very expensive month. 
Planning on saying our goodbyes and heading south on Nov 1st.  Right now, our plans are to head to Texas.  Our son is going to fly down to Beaumont Texas for some training in mold remediation mid November.  We decided to meet him there and then spend the next month or so exploring the Texas hill country.  Going to do that last year, but got side tracked by all the fun we were having in Florida...LOL!  At this point, we have not decided rather we will be staying in Texas for the winter or heading further west to Yuma.  That is one thing we both love about this lifestyle.....our plans are always fluid and can change at the drop of a hat! 
My "decorating" project is still in the early phases, but this week it is all about the kids.  We are having a small engagement party for them on Saturday.  Planning on an outdoor event so here is hoping the weather cooperates!  Till next time.....Happy Travels!

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