Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Little Hummer.....

Thought you might enjoy seeing this little guy.  There are so many hummingbirds here and I just love to watch them.  This little guy is sitting on my window feeder.
I also decided to invest in a little "eye candy" for my patio.  It is called a Yard Bird and I purchased it through Amazon.  All the hooks (3) and pot holders are adjustable and the pole breaks down into 3 sections for easy storage.  It is free standing...and I added the LED pretty at night!
The weather here has been COLD and windy, but things are looking up.  Yesterday we were in the mid 70's and today is supposed to be even warmer!  Tomorrow we are having a "Happy Hour" down the street at a neighbors.  This one a little more organized as everyone is bringing a covered dish.  I'll be making my delicious scalloped pototoes!


  1. I love the hummer.....great picture. I also like the yard bird and will be checking at Amazon. Thanks for the tip. We are in Tucson and our weather is warming up as well. Enjoy the happy hour....and the rest of your week-end.

  2. Loved the pics and sure will be checking out the the bird/pot flower holder... Thanks
    Have fun

  3. I love love love watching hummingbirds. Thanks for the great picture!

  4. Can't wait to put out our feeder. They wont come into the barn.


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