Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another week..another party

Wow...this place just doesn't stop.  Last night we went to the Fish Fry here at the park...complete with live entertainment.  It was fun....the music was a little old style country with a few too many waltzes for me....but fun was had nevertheless.  One of the couples that had sat with us at the New Year's Party joined our table again and this time they brought their favorite bottle of Tequila....I tell ya, I'm getting pretty darn good at handling the shots and still being able to dance on the dance floor....unassisted!  LOL!  In fact, I even had another gal tell me how awesome my dance moves were.....ah..gee...thanks!

Another meal/dance is coming up for next week and I think this one is going to feature rock-n-roll from the 60's and 70's.....Wahoo!  I'll be sure and have my best dancing shoes on for that one!  In the meantime, we are having a big "happy hour" get together of our entire street this Thursday.  I'm really looking forward to that one too! 


  1. Sounds like the party place to be. So glad you are having fun and enjoying life! Nothing like a good fish fry and lots of fun folks!

  2. Absolutely love a fish fry. What kind of fish are they cooking up. Sounds like you're have a great time.


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