Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just a little update....things are going great, warmer temps and plenty of sunshine here in Yuma.  Once again we have been so busy here with all the Happy Hours and we women organize  "shopping" days on a regular basis too. 
I've learned a new game....it is called Bumbee Ball...and I have no idea if I spelled that right or not.  It is a lot like tennis.  You play with a smaller racket and a larger, softer ball.  You can have up to 10 people (5 each side) on the court and the ball can bounce twice and be hit by 3 different people before being returned across the net.   I played for the first time last Sunday and it was sooo much fun!  Next morning though....man was I sore...all over.  But I'm going to be a regular....too much fun not to keep playing!
Next week, Bill and I will be hosting our first big party for our group of new friends.  We are having a 50's party with lots of music, hot dogs and all the trimmings.   Costumes are optional, but I've heard a lot of them talking about "poodle skirts" so I plan to have my camera handy for photos.  Should be a hoot....I'll keep ya posted on that one!
After that, the park is hosting their first "toga party"...yes I said "toga".  That should prove to be very interesting.....don't ya think?

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