Saturday, March 30, 2013

Time Growing Short

Our time here in Yuma is growing short.  Everyday we say goodbye to friends starting their journey back home.  We will be leaving April of the last to go.  Although I'm looking forward to our journey back to is bittersweet....we made such wonderful friends here and Oh....what fun we had!!
For the first leg of our journey, we have decided to head back to Tucson and spend a few days exploring the area.  Next, we will be off to a place my Dad told us about....Davis Mountain State Park.  I think we will try to spend about a week there.  From there we will be turning to the north....sure hoping for a warm spring back in Indiana!


  1. We're frequent visitors to the Davis Mountains State Park, and envy you getting to stop there. Fort Davis is a neat little town with one of the best examples of an 1880s Calvary Post that you'll see. Don't miss visiting McDonald Observatory and if possible take in one of their "Star Parties". Alpine is also worth a visit, and of course Marfa with it's "Mystery Lights". There's lots to do in the area - have a great time!

  2. I second a visit to McDonald Observatory. Their "Star Parties" are awesome! The historic Fort Davis is worth a visit too. Have fun!

  3. Thanks everyone....we are really looking forward to our trip to Davis Mountain and we will definitely look into the "star party" at the Observatory!


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