Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wickedly Windy Day

Yesterday started out ok....in fact, we are becoming old pros at crossing the border!  Headed into Mexico for the 3rd time....this time to pick up my new glasses (Billy got a new pair too), buy some cheap meds, and finally...let's not forget the booze.  Picked me up a bottle of amaretto flavored Tequila....mmmm good stuff!
Got back home and the wind started to pick up...before it was over we had sustained winds of 40+mph and gust over 50mph.  We headed out for dinner around 4pm...this is what we saw....
or didn't see...LOL!  It was a bad one and let me tell you that sand hurts when it hits unprotected skin!  We we got back to the rv park....a big tree out in front of the place had been uprooted.   The wind finally died down around 8pm and they are forecasting less wind for today.  We have lots to do to be ready to leave here on Thursday.  Billy will be checking tires and all the "outside" mechanicals.  I'll be re organizing the cabinets and packing away my "pretties" and cleaning out the sand from yesterday.  Even though we had all the windows and the door closed, it still manages to find its way inside. 
I think we are both ready to move on....the park here has become a ghost town.  We have said most of our goodbyes and watched many our "new" friends leave for home.  So quiet here now....so Tucson, ready or not, here we come!  More adventures await!


  1. Are you staying at Doc Justin's in Tucson. I haven't seen anyone staying there lately! That was quite a dust storm. Those things scare me after Gordon's bout with Valley Fever.

    1. No, we are in Yuma heading to the Tucson "lazy days" on Thursday!

  2. We put up with the same wind on the coast last month but we did not have the sand...well we did when we went to the dunes but in the park just the wind.


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