Sunday, July 28, 2013


Just a wee bit on the chilly side this am....had to break out the sweats!  The temp is around 57 degrees, feels a bit like fall.  Fall is my favorite time of the year, but I'm not quite ready to give up the summer heat.  The weather man says the heat is coming I"m just going to enjoy this little "fall preview" while it last.
The countdown has began....getting ready to fly down to Florida on the 7th of August to catch a family cruise to the Bahamas a few days later.  I can't "freakin" wait!!  So excited to be with my brothers and sister and their kids and grand kids, Dad and my Step is gonna be such great fun!  I do need a little advice....I have an opportunity while on this cruise to be in the water with dolphins.  Now I adore dolphins, but they are BIG and I'm not so sure about being in the water with fact, I'm a bit terrified to do it.  YET...a very big part of me says, "dam the torpedoes...full speed a head"  you only get to ride this ride once so "GO FOR IT"!  BUT...I have yet to "sign" on the dotted line....He, He!  So, what are your opinions and experiences? 
The next few days are gonna be spent getting ready for travel....and making sure my hubby has what he needs...Billy is staying home.  He has only been on one cruise...didn't like it...and says he will never go on another one.  So he will be staying here at the fiver taking care of our furry babies! Not me......
Can you say, "Bahama Mamas".....ooooooh I sure can!!  Set me up bartender!  I can smell the coconut rum from here!!!


  1. We did a swim with the dolphins in Key Largo and absolutely loved it. They are amazing gentle creatures. If you get a chance to swim with the dolphins go for it. You will be so glad you did.

  2. Go for it with the dolphin swim. I guarantee, you will love it. It's not scary at all. We did it in the Bahamas and they were more interested in the guys from the boat crew that had an underwater scooter and could keep up with them, so they never got too close to us (unfortunately). They love to play and were spinning and diving underwater. The guys with the scooters could keep up with them so they were "fun" Those without scooters couldn't keep up with them so we weren't as much fun and they didn't get real close to us. It was a great experience watching them play. Don't miss the opportunity. If you get a chance to swim with the sting rays, I would also highly recommend that as well! Sharks, I would avoid. I don't think it's a good idea to feed sharks to draw them in because they then lose their fear of man. But dolphin and stingrays...absolutely!

    I'll be watching your blog to see what you decide!

  3. Have fun whatever you do. We've done lots of cruises but not the swimming- Jim says that when you enter that water you are in the "food chain". He also says that sharks don't come around dolphins so you might be OK.
    If they have the "quest" on the ship, be sure to go and play. (It's like an adult scavenger hunt and it's a real "hoot.")
    We're going on one in September with a group from Gulfport, Fl. that we met when we did the Road Rally in 2011. We're also doing a Malt Shop Cruise in Nov.(all 50"s music) They are super cool- a prom, sock hop, home coming dance. Have a wonderful time. Love your blog. Love Uncle Jim & Aunt Bonnie

  4. Debbie, I'd encourage you to go with your GUT on the swim with dolphins. Whatever you end up doing will be the right thing. Wishing you a fabulous time on the cruise and can't wait to get together again!

  5. Go for it girl!!! Send pictures


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