Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The GoodeLife has its ups and downs.....

I am exhausted!  This past month has been full of highs and some very low....lows.  Let's start with the lows.  My Step Father had surgery....I'm not going into the details, but things have not gone well.  I have spent the past week practically living at the hospital with my Mom.  In the middle of all of my crowns decided to have a meltdown.  The pain was intense.  I managed to contact a dentist who prescribed some pain meds and antibiotic to see me through until he could see me on Sept 3rd.  Mom is still at the hospital...(my Step Father is stable but has a long ways to go it seems to recovery) a couple of Mom's friends are staying with her so I could come home get my medication, rest, and do some laundry before returning to the hospital on Thursday.  His surgery took place in Indianapolis....Mom lives in it has been a real challenge driving back and forth and staying in hotels, well you get the drift.....exhausting for all of us!
Now for the really great news......I had an AWESOME time on the family cruise with my Dad and brothers, sister, and their families (THANKS AGAIN DAD!).  Probably one of THE best times of my life....lots of wonderful memories made....and I know somewhere on UTUBE I'm shaken my booty with a bunch of Philippians.  I danced til the band stopped playing every body hurt in places I didn't even know it could hurt...but I didn't care I was having the time of my life!!  I'm telling ya....I danced, literally danced circles around all those 20 and 30 something kids on the ship....HA! HA!  Had my own little following of "groupies" too! let's just say I left a lasting impression with several folks on that ship!  Did not get to swim with the dolphins though.....I did sign up, but for some unknown reason the event was cancelled.  Disappointing....but I partied on!
Next bit of news....we have relocated and are free of the AOK for the remainder of our stay here in Lafayette.  Some very dear friends invited us to stay at their place once they headed south.  It is truly wonderful....a bit out in the country, concrete pad, full hookups...well have a look for yourselves....
 This is the view out the front door....
Beautifully landscaped.....complete with patio furniture and a gas grill!
That is the adjoining pole barn....with a big shower and full size washer and dryer available for our use!
It is just fabulous and we can't thank them enough for allowing use to stay here for our last couple of months before we head south too.  Needed this so badly....a place to really relax and recharge.  When we came home from dinner last night, a mama deer and her two babies where their to greet us.  It is just heaven here.  We have both decided that we want something similar to this set up out in Arizona or New Mexico in a couple of years.  Someplace we can "hang our hat" during the winter months and continue to travel in the fall and summer!
All in all its been a wild and wicked month.....but its all just part of our "Goodelife"!


  1. Wow, guess you have been busy! Hope things improve for your step dad..
    How neat you got that awesome cruise with family..Nothing like memories.
    Enjoy your stay on that relaxing lot you are on....

  2. Hope your step dad continues to improve and you can get some rest. The cruise sounds like a great time - those young'uns don't have any idea what it's like to party. Hope the pain meds help and you get that tooth fixed soon.

  3. Deb and Billy,
    Great to hear your using the pad and sounds like it may just hit the spot for your remaining time in IN. I am sure the biggest challenge was the backing in on the curved drive but with his experience knew it would be a breeze for him.
    Hope the situation with Dad gets positive and you can enjoy your time left at Vang Vista-my name for the spot. Enjoy and have fun with those pesky deer.
    Bud and Karen


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