Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ah...another day, another party!

Last weekend was the "Knight" parade down in Ybor city.  What would a Knight parade be without the Knight family partying down at Elmer's bar....and party we did!  My darling hubby is not fond of large crowds so he offered to be the "taxi" driver...dropping us off and picking us back up once we had exhausted ourselves in the merriment.  It was so much fun....there was a band that played music you could actually dance too...lots of beads.....lots of "pirates"....and oh yeah, there may have been a bit of drinking going on too!  Oh and did I mention the men in kilts?  Well there were and I am now able to answer that age old question, "Exactly what do you guys wear under those things anyway?"  I asked....they told me to have a look for myself and......oops there it is....NOTHING....NADA....ZIP!  So next time you see "men in kilts", my advice is to keep walking....baby.....keep walking......Ha! Ha! Ha!

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