Thursday, March 6, 2014


My goodness, can't believe how the time do fly....guess that is what happens as you get older.  Time goes by faster and faster...or so it seems.  It will not be long and we will be heading back to Indiana.  My sister is coming for a visit the first week in April and we will leave right after.  I sure hope it has stopped snowing up there by then!
Hubby and I have been full timing now for almost 7 years and we have loved is time for a change.  We both feel as though we just have not "traveled" as much as we would like too.  We have seen a lot and been to a lot of places, but we also have spent a lot of time "sitting" in one place.   We want to change year after our "winter" in Yuma, AZ we plan on taking most of the summer and traveling the northwest and I'm hoping the summer after that we can head up into Canada.  Another "change" we are hoping to make in a couple of years is trading our fifth wheel for a motorhome.  The biggest reason for making the change is our big dually truck.  Love the truck for pulling the fifth wheel....but for sight seeing and daily life it's just too big.  We like the idea of being able to tow a more manageable vehicle.  Another reason....the fifthwheel, as we have ours set up, is just for two.  Not saying we couldn't do it, but traveling with more then ourselves and the dogs would be uncomfortable at best.  Now that our son is getting married....well, you get the drift....we are thinking of grandchildren and more family adventures.  It would be nice if we could all travel comfortably together. 
So that's the least for today....


  1. Yes time sure seems to be speeding by these days. I remember you folks when you were down around the Bisbee Arizona area years back. We made the switch from a 5th Wheel to a Motorhome back in April of 07 & that is a decision we have not regretted one little bit. We will be on the road heading back to Ontario Canada sometime in early April as well. Like you, we are so hoping all the snow will be gone by then too. ......

  2. We've been here in Phoenix for almost 4 months now, and the time has certainly flown by! We leave here April 1st, and we'll be making that trip to the northwest, across the northern states, and back "home" through the UP of Michigan. After sitting for 4-1/2 months, it'll be nice to get back to travelling for awhile!


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