Sunday, September 21, 2014

Finally Fini!

It was a long journey....with many ups and water inside the rv for 3 days...had to use the facilities at the rv repair shop.  They did their best to make us as comfortable as possible, but I'm so glad we are done and have moved on to the Elkhart Campground.  After almost 3 weeks, Full hook ups have never been so welcome!  Here are some photos of the work......
 This is why we needed a new shower.....leaks...the old shower had a crack in the shower pan which could not be repaired.  This 'platform' was not needed for our new shower....good riddance! 
This photo shows our new floor installed and the beginnings of the new shower installation.  What you don't see is the work that was done under the floor.  It was decided that we needed to 'strengthen' the underlying structure to support the new shower and prepare the area for the new drain placement.  We did add a few more pounds by having actual glass doors.  The doors before were acrylic.  I don't know what the weight of the old shower was, but this new one is around 125lbs.  To compensate, Billy actually cleaned out the basement and got rid of about a 100lbs of extra 'stuff' that we just didn't need to be hauling around.
The potty and bedroom and bathroom doors, bath vanity, as well as all the trim were removed for the floor installation. 
This photo shows the roto-port Bill had installed where the vanity will eventually reside.  Originally there was a 'laundry chute' here which we never used, but Bill liked the idea of having access to the bath this was the solution.
Here is the finished install!  We only have one small issue.  The area I circled in red.  That is where a 12 volt light resided, it had to be removed as it didn't clear the shower frame.  Ron (our repair guru) is on the look out for a new "thinner" light.
Here is the inside of our new shower.  Many of you will think the shower control is a bit high, but I assure you it is easily reached.  We had no choice but to install it at that height.  The refrigerator is directly behind that wall and would not allow us enough depth to install the fixture at a lower height.  It took 3 long days to install this shower and a lot of head scratching and redesigning to make everything work....but it does work and is very roomy
Yes....that's the hole....soon to be filled with our new refrigerator.  This time we opted for an ice maker!  An added expense, but we really love it!  The new one went in with no problems and looks just exactly like the old....on the outside!

We also opted to upgrade our manual patio awning to an automatic.....should have done that a long time ago....makes life so much easier!  Work was also done on the roof.  Some vents were replaced and new caulk was added all round!  We also replace our rv steps with some 'new to us' steps.  We painted them to look like new again and Bill installed them.  Unfortunately, neither of us are sold on them.  The rise is higher on the middle step and just doesn't feel right.  We will live with them for now, but I think we will have to replace them in the near future.  One more stop before we continue on to Michigan.  My washer needs a new selector knob and we have an appointment at the service center here in Elkhart to have that done on Tuesday.

Needless to say...our repair budget took quite the hit this year, but with the exception of the awning....everything else was pretty much necessary.  Yes...we are still considering a motor home, but we didn't want to be rushed into a decision because of needed repairs on our fifth wheel.  Now we can take our time....and make sure we find the right motor home for us and if we don't .....well, we are pretty happy with what we have right here!

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  1. We're waiting on ours to get repaired. Please get hold of us, we'd love to see you. We're here till at least Friday 26th (sept).


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