Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Colorado Springs

Did I say Idaho?  Darling husband says I did in my last post......should have been Iowa!  We traveled through Illinois and Iowa.  Sorry bout that!

We had planned on spending a few days in Denver, but the park we were headed for was full.  So, we regrouped, and decided to just keep driving.  It was a rather long day for us, but we made it to Mountaindale RV park in Colorado Springs by late Saturday afternoon.  We had stayed at this park once before and loved it and we still love it.  So much so that we decided to stay awhile.  We will not be continuing our journey till Monday the 27th.

We are up in the mountains....
This is our site on the 'upper terrace'.  You pull in long ways and enjoy the view of the mountains and the campground below.  Entire site is covered in kinda a medium size gravel.  No AT&T cell service, but our verizon wifi is holding a 3G signal most of the time.  The campground does provide wifi and it does do a fairly good job.....still slower then what most of you are probably used too.  I think some of the sites do have cable, but we are using our Direct TV satellite.  Full hookups with 50th amp service.....just the way we like it!
There is a family of deer that come through the park every day.  They are very used to the people here.  Yesterday they spent the entire day lazing in the sun just a few feet from our campsite.  AWESOME!
Plenty of birds around too....like this beautiful Steller's Jay.

We have been blessed by fabulous weather, high 60's to low 70's in the day and 40's to 50's at night.  Plenty of sunshine too.  

We were thinking of checking out Pikes Peak, but got cold feet (no pun intended...well maybe just a little one) when we were told about the snow and read about altitude sickness.  We know we are both susceptible to the altitude sickness so decided not to chance it.  Instead...I'm going to spend the day at the Colorado Springs Zoo Thursday and then Friday I think we will check out the "Garden of the Gods" park. 

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