Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wedding Photos!

Yes....the wedding bells have rung and it was the most magical of weekends...EVER!  So much love and fun.....time with family and friends...priceless memories!  Everything was perfect and beautiful.  I have a few photos to share and yes, there eventually will be more!  But here is a sneak peak......
This photo was taken my Green Holly Photography
As was this one
And this one too....these were all part of a 'sneak peak' she gave us.  I can't wait to see the rest of them!
The wedding cake and cupcakes.  Wish you could see the topper on the small wedding cake....it has Mickey Mouse ears....because that is where the kids will be spending their honeymoon over the New Years.  Compliments of their Grandparents!  Awesome gift!
This is a photo of one of the table number cards I made for them.  The kids did some basic old hollywood poses and I worked a little photoshop magic....turned out really cute!

Bill and I welcomed the most wonderful daughter into our family.  We are so very blessed!  Thank you to all who attended and shared this joyous occasion with us.  

We.....have rested a bit....and are now making our way west toward Yuma AZ our winter destination.  We are currently in Utica Illinois.  Today we will head over to Lincoln Nebraska.  Yesterday was a very wet travel day....hoping to see a bit of sunshine today, but the forecast is still predicting more rain.  The good news is the temps have at least warmed a bit....up into the 60's...and that is a very Goode thing!


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