Sunday, January 25, 2015

Good News all round!

Most of you probably already know this.....but the hand is not broken!  Just a lot of bruising and some soft tissue damage, but it is healing nicely on its own!  I'm even back to playing bumbee ball!  YAY!!

Now for an update on the Cosmo Boy.  We ordered him a set of wheels and y'all should see our boy go.....Here are a couple of photos

He really is doing fabulous!  Still has some use of his back legs, but a doggie physical therapist suggested it was time for the cart.  So happy we made the decision to order one for him.  We have no idea how much time we have left with our sweet boy, but we are determined that he have the best life ever!  We ordered this hot rod cart from a place called Eddie's Wheels.  Very caring and supporting folks....I highly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.  We are back to taking walks and playing in the doggie park.  Cosmo is one popular pup here at the RV park.....ya just gotta love that face!


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