Saturday, January 10, 2015

Made it through the Holidays!

Very busy during the holiday season this year......lots of parties and dancing....had a blast! 

We have had several days of 'winter' weather here in Yuma, temps dipping into the 30's at night...brrrrrrr.  Of course that is when our furnace and our portable fireplace decided to go belly up!  Yup...both at almost the same time.  The fireplace was a loss, but Billy was able to buy and replace the circuit board in the furnace.  It took a few days....and we were a bit chilly here in the fiver, but we are all toasty warm now.  Things are looking up though and temps are climbing back into the mid to high 70's.

I've had a little mishap....many of you know I love to play a sport here in Yuma called Bumbe Ball....kinda a cross between tennis and volleyball.  We play it on the tennis court with rackets and a larger, softer ball.  There can be up to 5 people a side which makes it a really fun time....until you make a bad decision and go after a ball you should have let go on by.  Then something like this happens......
They can't tell if it is broken as of yet....too much swelling.  I go back for more x-rays on the 13th.  Hoping it is just a bad sprain....I can still move my fingers and thumb, but there is a lot of bruising and who knows!  Of course, it is my right hand and I am right handed.

Right before my little mishap...I agreed to teach a watercolor class here in the rv park.  Yup...I'm still gonna teach.  Met with all my students yesterday and everyone is game to continue even though 'teacher' may have to learn to demo with her left hand!

Cosmo update for those of you that follow remember he is our wire fox terrier with the neurological problem.  Sadly he is slowly loosing mobility in his hind legs.  We were very fortunate that one of our friends here in the park has a daughter who practices animal physical therapy.  She came for a visit over the holidays and suggested it might be time for Cosmo to be fitted for a wheel cart to assist him.  So.....we have one ordered and should be here sometime late January.  I'll post some photos...we sure hope he adjust to it because it will make his life and ours so much easier.  She also showed me some exercise to do with him to help keep his joints and muscles a bit stronger.  What a blessing for her to share all this with us!

All righty then....I think I've worn myself out typing on the keyboard for now.....

Have a great day!


  1. Rut-ro on your to be there to take class!!

    1. Cozygirl.....I'd love to have you in class! Have you checked out my art blog? It is

  2. Ouch:( I imagine that my attempts at art would be the same with or without an injured paw:)


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