Friday, October 23, 2015

Baton Rouge.....hmmm....what can I say except that the traffic and roads are horrible!  Went to the Zoo last Tuesday.....this guy had a lot to say....
I think he was warning me about the traffic here in Baton Rouge!  It is clear the infrastructure here can no longer handle the amount of traffic and the bridges are down right scary!  It takes forever to get anywhere.
  We stayed at the Lakeside RV park...not a bad place, but very tight spacing.  You just feel a bit 'cramped' here.  We left Friday and headed to Beaumont, Texas....again the roads and traffic were bad.  We like to stop at about the halfway point on our travel days and we couldn't even locate a rest stop until we hit the Texas border.  The rest area was under construction and very busy (everyone stops there it seems) but we made it work and finally made our way to the Hidden Lake RV park in Beaumont.  Do ya notice a theme here....just can't seem to get away from water and they always want to charge you extra!  I can't even see the dang lake from my site...guess that is why the place is called 'hidden lake'...Ha! 
This is our site in Beaumont.  We do have a pull through, but you can see there is a 'back end' site up against our pull through.  Don't care for that at all....kinda like a 'jack-n-jill' site where you share your yard with your neighbor.  We are finding that rv sites are hard to come by these days.  We have been fulltiming for 8 yrs and never made reservations and never had a problem.  This year and last we have noticed that we need to at least 'call ahead' to see if they have vacancies and 9 times outta of 10 they are down to their last two or three sites so we go ahead and reserve.   I don't necessarily think more people are traveling, I think more folks are 'living' in rv parks.  Most of these folks have job sites that 'move around' or that are involved in some type of seasonal work.  So we are finding that many parks only have a handful of sites they keep open for travelers and they fill up fast. 

Looking at the weather, it seems we will have to stay here a bit longer then expected.  That hurricane is pushing a ton of weather into the Houston area and we don't want to get caught up in all that mess!  Travel safe y'all!


  1. We have been thru Baton Rouge many times, but never stopped. Seems like that was not a bad idea:)

  2. You got that right.....just keep going! LOL!


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