Sunday, October 18, 2015

We left Tampa and started our journey west.  Our first night was spent "way down upon the Suwannee river...." at the appropriately called, Suwannee River Rendezvous Rv Park in Mayo Florida.  Nothing too special, but great for an overnight or two.  This was our second stay at this park and it is a Passport America park so...can't beat the rate.  We did venture into the town of Mayo and found a quaint little cafe called 'The Great Southern Biscuit Company'.  Wow!  Had the best BLT of my life there!  Bacon, lettuce, and fried green tomatoes on a freshly baked good!

Back on the road and Ya know that feeling....the one where ya been listening and following that little voice on the GPS.  He is taking you deeper and deeper into the country side....narrow, little winding roads...left, right, left again.  You are starting to feel a little doubtful, a little nervous.  Does this guy know where he is taking us.  I mean, seriously, does he know we got 40 foot of fifth wheel behind us.  Ya just can't turn those things around anywhere...and then there is this sign that tells you a bridge is coming up.  A bridge that has a load limit of 3 tons.  "Hey, do we weigh more then 3 tons?" I ask my hubby.  "Oh yeah!" he says.  Well crap! We really didn't have much choice at this over the bridge we went.  It was a small bridge and definitely in need of repairs, but we made it.  Suddenly that nut on the GPS says, "the destination is on your right".  We both look right....right into an open field full of nothing.  Well crap, again!  NOW WHAT!  Keep going and fortunately...after 1/2 mile...the destination was on our right!  Yippee!

Summerdale, Alabama Rainbow Plantation Escapee's park.  This is our first stay and it is a very nice and welcoming park.  The sites are very spacious, full hookup and some are 50amp.  We are in lucky number 13.  It is a 50 amp site and backs up to a county road, but road noise is minimal and we like not having anyone behind us.  Nothing but tall Pine trees.....smells like Christmas. 
As you can see...the sites are primarily grass...a little dirt under the trees.   Still, all in all a great site to sit and enjoy the fall breezes.  I'll admit the Florida heat and humidity were starting to get to me.  I'm loving the cool nights here and the 70's in the daytime!        

Yesterday we went down to Foley....only about a 10 minute drive.  There we found a walmart and a couple of other grocery stores, plus a very big outlet mall...tons of shops.  But the best find was a Lambert's.....'home of the throwed rolls'.  If you have never been to one I encourage you to do so.  Fun experience....good 'down home' cook-in and yes, they really do throw rolls at you! Don't be on a diet....though...we are talking about fried, smothered in gravy, and full of buttery richness!  LOL!

Tomorrow we are back on the road....headed toward Baton Rouge!

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