Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bushnell Florida

We are currently staying at Blueberry Hill RV Park. We have been here for most of the winter, Jan-March. I must say we will not be back!! They claim to be a "pet friendly" park, but we have sadly found that NOT to be the case. Since we have been here there have been new rules posted to the bulletin board. The manner and attitude in which these rules were written make me think they would rather not have any pets here at the park. Fine by me, just don't advertise you are "pet friendly" when you are barely "pet tolerant". So that is my "rant" for the day! On to more pleasant manners. We will be leaving this park, March 26th and heading to the Alafia State Park. That park is supposed to have some of the best biking trails around. Only problem is you must where a helmet to use them. We decided we would check these trails out before we purchase helmets. They maybe more than we can handle---after all we are just "old" retired folks ya know. We were also invited over to my Uncle Jim and Aunt Diane's for Easter Dinner and we are to bring our "famous" chicken and noodles!

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