Monday, March 31, 2008

Alafia State Park

We enjoyed our visit to the Alafia State Park. We had a nice size campsite with water and electric. The added bonus was it was a pull-thru, we didn't even need to unhitch the truck! The park really caters to mountain bikers and horse folk. There is only one trail for us footpath people, but it was an enjoyable one. Lots of swampy areas and mossy trees, complete with the occasional gator. The turtle you see actually paid us a visit at campsite and I think he liked getting his picture taken. The camp is nice now, but in a few years when the trees they have planted have a chance to grow, it will be even better. We left the park on Saturday and headed back to my Uncle's marina. Yesterday was spent doing a few chores. Billy washed his truck and I did some laundry and brushed out the furballs. Today we will make the rounds and say our goodbyes. We will start our journey back to Indiana tomorrow morning. I'm really dreading the cooler temperatures and not looking forward to all the work to get the house ready to sell. I am excited to see my son and all my friends. Not sure on how often I will be able to blog on the trip back, will depend mostly on free wi-fi---no sense putting up the dish for one night stays.

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