Saturday, March 29, 2008

Did Not Get Far!!

We moved alright. We moved about 4 spots away from our old spot in the rv park we were supposed to be leaving. Once we pulled onto the drive, we quickly realized we had a problem. Our fifth wheel was leaning badly leaning to the left. It seems we had a problem with our leaf springs. All of them were loose and one of them was twisted and flatted. Needless to stay we were stuck. We called the "repair service" who can out right away. The young man did his best to try and "fix" the problem, but in the end we needed a new spring. So, he went back to Tampa with the promise to return in the morning, with the new spring. He left us with the trailer jacked up on one side. We could not put the slides out, but we could go inside and we could reach our bed. The call came in around 10am the next day. It seems there were no springs our size available. They were going to have to manufacture one and so would not be coming till late in the day. It was about 6pm when he showed up with our spring. It took he and my husband about 3 hrs to put the new spring on and tighten down the others. At about 10pm, we were finally headed down the road to the Alafia state park. The young man who repaired the trailer for us, followed us until he reached his exit. He called about 3 times to make sure everything "felt" ok and to assure us that everything looked good from his perspective. Through this whole ordeal everyone was just great. So many fellow rv'ers came by and asked if there was anything they could do to help. It was a nice feeling to know there are so many caring folks out there willing to lend a hand. As to our fifth wheel, as soon as we are back in Indiana. The fifth wheel will be headed to Elkhart to be checked out. It is only 9 months old, so we are under warrenty. Our factory representative knows of our trouble and was also concerned as to "why" this happened.
As to the Alafia state park-it is very nice, we pulled into our pull-thru site at about midnight. We didn't even need to unhook. We leveled her up, put out the slides, and went to bed! We awoke to a great campsite and we did get the satellite dish up and pointed in the right direction! It only took us about 45 minutes and most of that was waiting for the system to run the connection test. Sometimes it is busy and you have to wait your turn. I'll tell you more about the park and share some pics in the next post. Until then.........

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