Thursday, July 9, 2009

God Created The Sewer System?

Where does the time go.....why is it that the older we get the faster our days seem to go by?

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We had rain all day on the 4th, but Sunday the sun shone and the day was the nicest we have seen in quite awhile. My Mom and step-dad came up for the day on Sunday. My Mom enjoys the great outdoors, but she is not a 'camper' by any means. I remember a few camping trips in my childhood, but the trend didn’t last long. Mom always said it was no fun for her, just work with all the cooking and cleaning up. At any rate, she and I were in the fiver getting the hamburgers ready for the grill. She used the restroom and upon stepping outside the bathroom she says, “Where does it go?”. I’m like, “Where does what go?”. She says, “When I flush the toilet, where does it go?”. “Oh”, I said, “It goes into a holding tank.”. She replies, “Where is the holding tank?”. I reply, “It is under the trailer.”. “You have to empty that at some point, don’t you?”, she asked. So, I began to explain how one dumps the black tank and that we have to pump ours up to the pipe sticking up by the cabin. I further explain that it then goes into a septic system. She blinks and ask, “What is a septic system?”. “You are must know what a septic system is?”, I reply. She shakes her head “no”. Ok, so now I’m explaining how a septic system works and I get to the part about the 'leach field' and the 'fingers' allowing the liquid to seep back into the ground. Her eyes become wide with shock and disbelief, “Is that legal?”, she asked. “Is that legal,” I say, “ Yes, MOM, believe it or not septic systems have been around for decades!”. LOL! Just gotta love her.....apparently she has been under the misguided belief that when God created the earth, he also created our modern sewer system!


  1. How funny...some live such sheltered lives...HE HE

  2. I'm with your Mom...I could go my entire life without knowing where "it" goes!!!

  3. Too funny. I had my laugh for the day. Thanks..

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