Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hectic Times

I am really having a time keeping up with everything, so I'm sorry if my posting is a bit spotty. We have been in full reno-mode on the house as you can see by this photo. We stripped off all the old tile and pulled the appliances. The old countertops were removed, but then we sat them back on to keep the inside of the cabinets clean while we apply the cement board for the new tile. DH is going to be putting in some under cabinet lighting. We will have a new dishwasher and disposal and sink going in as well. We debated about the amount of work and money this was going to take---is it worth it? The realtors all say it is the kitchen that sells the house and ours was definitely in need of some sprucing up. I hope it pays off in the end.

Back at the fiver, we are addressing our carpet issue. It needs replaced. We would have loved to have continued the Pergo flooring throughout, but everyone says that due to the slides, it is just not a good idea. So, we found a very good, durable carpet that we both liked and are going to have it installed this August. Of course, the carpet is in Lafayette and the installers are in Elkhart. We are having the carpet dropped shipped to them. We plan on taking out as much of the furniture as we can before we take the fiver for the carpet install. We hope to save some on the labor by doing that part ourselves. It will take the guys about 2 days to install the carpet. We will stay at the stick house during that time. Hope we have a kitchen by then.

This weekend my mother and I are going down to southern Indiana to visit my grandson and new daughter. This will be the first time we have all actually seen each other. We plan on staying in a nearby hotel so we have the entire weekend. I'm sure I will have photos to post upon our return. Til then......

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