Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I mentioned our water problem last time.....this is a photo of our filter. That is only after just a few days. Pretty amazing and nasty.
This is DH's solution.....he is going to try two filters so we shall see how that works. If this fails we will give Culligan a call and see what they can do for us.

Still working on the stick house, can't tell you how tired I am, but it needs to be done. We have been sanding, priming, and painting cabinets. Tomorrow we are going to install the new countertops and hopefully our new sink. I'll be sure and post some photos. DH and I always thought it would be great fun to buy an older home and restore it, but we have learned through this experience that......that time has passed. This house is about to kill both of us. Who knew, that once you reach middle age, your body no longer enjoys crawling around on the floor, climbing up and down ladders, and painting....painting.....and painting......LOL! I sure hope who ever buys this place appreciates all the work we have done to update it. Ok, it is finally time to take my Advil and roll myself into bed.....sure hope I can get out of bed in the morning.


  1. Yes...Sherri and I have been there done that...do not envy you at all.

  2. We'll be back in Illinois this fall to HOPEFULLY finish the remodeling and updating on our house. Not looking forward to that, but it must be done. I'll need a large bottle of Advil.



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