Monday, May 17, 2010

Here is the next installment on my packing of the fiver.  The photo above is the slide out on the "entry door side" just past our kitchen.  As you can see, the recliner slides back neatly into place and all I do on the little chest is turn it so the drawers are against the wall.  Next I place my small table down on the floor with a couple of small bedroom pillows to keep it from being scratched.  I place our electric heater and my faux flowers inside the open area of the small table.  That's it.....for the living area.  Next post, I'll share my dining area stash and show you my "artist studio" that I have been working on. 
This is a current project I am working is a painting of a polar bear for my grandson.  You see, he went to the zoo awhile back and was very disappointed that there were no polar bears.  So, I decided to paint him one for his room.  It is coming along, but still has a ways to go.  Don't you just love that "blue tongue"!

Nothing much happening here in Indiana these days.  My brother came by yesterday and he and Billy manage to cut down a dead tree.  Always makes me a little nervous to see those things come down, but they did it right and it fell perfectly down the middle of the lane.  Next, they chopped it all up and now we have some great firewood for the rest of our summer stay here at the river.  Nothing to report on the sale of our home.....but, we are not surprised.  I think folks are waiting to see if they will come up with another 'tax incentive' like the one that expired last month.  My web page,, where I used to showcase my art is now showcasing our home.  I figure every little bit helps!

Welcome Trema0580 and Rick.....hope you enjoy my ramblings.......


  1. The painting is beautiful. Your grandson will love it.
    I see you are in Indiana. I'm in Ohio, but i swear I should have been born in Indy. I love the Colts and also a huge James Dean fan. All the reasons to move there, LOL!
    Happy travels and blogging!

  2. What a sweat painting. Not much artistic in this little brain. I'm glad I get to appreciate yours. Please take a look at the Churchill, Manitoba polar bears I put up.

  3. We try not to move so much. We have 5 slides to deal with each time. We have pared back our stuff


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