Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I know I promised some photos of my “studio” space, but we have been up to other things these past few days.  Poor Billy’s recliner.....well, it stopped reclining.  These are the original recliners that came with our fifth wheel.  We knew from the beginning that they were not very well made, but with all the expenses of buying a new fifth wheel.....we just weren’t too concerned about them at the time.  I have to say they were comfortable and the fabric was durable.  The failure came in the mechanism.  That is usually were most recliners fail.  We have been on a mission to find the “perfect” chair for us.  A balance of comfort, durability, and design.  I don’t like the looks of most recliners......most are oversized and “frumpy”.  I wanted something more tailored and more traditional in style.  We even looked at the prospect of buying chairs with footstools.  The first problem is space......did we really have the space for two footstools.  Yes, but I decided I didn’t really want to give up the space.  I like the openness of our living room and I didn’t want to give that up.  The second......fitting the chairs through the front door......28 inches, that is it.  You can separate most recliner backs from their seat.....not so with conventional chairs.  The decision was made to stick with recliners.......after all, let us not forget the ‘napping value’ all recliners have to offer.  One last consideration, our Cosmo boy is quite the lap dog.  We were both hoping to find a recliner that could accommodate one person and one very lovable fox terrier.

Our mission came to an end just yesterday.  We went shopping at our local LaZboy Dealership.  LaZboy has one of the best warranties in the industry for recliner mechanisms (lifetime) and they have also done a lot to improve their design.  We found an almost perfect match to our qualifications.  It should be durable, it is very stylish, it is comfortable, and it will fit through the front door.  We were lucky that they actually had one we could take home that day......the other should be here sometime in June.  We just love it!  The only thing I didn’t take into consideration was that this particular style was not a “wall hugger”.  That basically means the chair has to be positioned a little farther away from the wall then I would typically like, but it is so worth it to have that more traditional style.  The second concession was Cosmo.  Oh, he can still get into our laps.....it is just not as comfortable for either of us as it was in the old recliners.  Still, I think we did the best we could in finding that “perfect” recliner for us.....one which I hope last for years. The photo below is our new recliner......all tucked into it's little corner of our world!!


  1. Very Nice. Doesn't look like a 'recliner' at all. Can you list the model number/name. 'fits through the door' can be hard to find.

  2. Love the chair! I know what you mean about giving up space in your living room. You did well and I know you will enjoy this one for some time.


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