Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh, how I hate not having internet on the river......I feel so.....disconnected from everyone.  Hard to imagine......that the first time my hubby mentioned "home computer", my response was.....well....less than enthusiastic.  Now, I can't imagine "life without laptop"!

Ok, enough with the sob story.....here is the 'packing' adventure I promised.  It is an adventure....cause I never know exactly where things are going to end up.  I am always looking for an easier way.....or a more secure way to pack up my decor.  I like having my fifth wheel look more like a home and so I have gradually added items.....slowly building my design.  I do try to be practical, but sometimes I just like a "pretty" for being "pretty"!

 Here is a photo of the back window area in travel mode.  It occurs to me that you might want to see a before and after......I'll work on that for next time.  I have a small library table that gets turned upside down for travel.  You see the green box tucked in there beside the chair?  I found these wonderful collapsible boxes at Walmart.  They are great for securing my picture frames, lamps, and  other decor items.  When not in use, they fold flat and can be hidden away anywhere.  All the lamp shades and my chandelier (yes, I said chandelier) are put in the dog bed you see on top of the red chair.  Under the chair.....I slide my printer.  I also use the carpet slide protectors.  Those are the gray things you see there on the floor.  We purchased new carpet last year and those things have been a lifesaver.  I recommend them 100%.  There is more and I'll share in the next post.  Yes, it does take extra time to do all this.  To me it is worth it.  Now, I don't unpack everything for a quick overnight stay.  I usually only pull out a lamp and the rest stays put.

I really have enjoyed the challenges of decorating in a fifth wheel.  I know some folks would see what I go through as more trouble than it is worth.....but, I used to do this decorating thing professionally.  Only problem was.......my home was always last on the list and usually neglected.  Now it is my turn and I love it.  Each time we stop and I 'set up' the fiver it is like re-decorating all over again.  I can experiment with moving things here to there and just have fun.  That's what this life style is all about.....'having fun'!

I'm currently in the process of trying to carve out a space for my artistic needs......a little mini studio if you will.  To that end, the red chair has found a new home.  I need that corner for my "studio"......so stay tuned.....ya just never know what I might come up with next.....and yes, Billy is currently rolling his eyes and sighing, "Here we go again!".

Oh, and a big Welcome to Kevin and Ruth.....thanks for reading along!


  1. Thanks for the pix. I'll be looking for those boxes at Walmart. I know what you mean about internet access. It was REALLY slow where we stayed for 3 months in Florida. I have SUPER fast internet parked in our driveway in Illinois, so I've been spending a LOT of time getting caught up on downloads and things that just require a good connection.

    Hugs to both of you,


  2. It's wonderful that you can enjoy making your home personal and just the way you like it. I probably should have done that, but always considered "resale", which, now that I'm trying to sell it, seems like a good idea. But I would have enjoyed it more if I had made it my very own.

  3. Ah cool view! One this is great about it, we can change our view whenever we like! :)

  4. you remove my messages??? ok whatever you like!

  5. Eagle....I did not remove your message. I do moderate my messages and sometimes it takes a while for me to see them and post due to my lack of internet here our river location. So, please be patient. I do try to post comments as quick as I can.


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