Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Can't hold it's water"

Not to much going on around here.  We have been resting up from the whole toilet repair incident.  Unfortunately, it looks like we might be re-visiting that repair in the very near future.  The waste ball is leaking have heard of folks who can't "hold their liquor"...our toilet can't "hold it's water" LOL!  We think it is a minor adjust, but we will let you know how it goes.
The weather here has been great.  As you can see from the photo below, I took the opportunity to give the furballs a hair cut and bath.  That's Cosmo getting a trim...looks like I need a bit of a trim myself...
He is such a good boy and isn't he pretty, er handsome!
That was a beautiful day...wish I could say the same for today.  Some big rain system has decided to camp out here for the next few days.  It's not too bad....certainly better than snow.  I just wish it would move on.....
I hope all of you out there in blog land are doing well and are all ready for the upcoming Holidays.... Travel safe.


  1. After reading about your repair, I look at our toilet in a whole new light now :( I wonder if if could be the seals are dry?

    Every once in awhile ours will not hold water or will stick when the foot pedal is pressed. I use vegetable oil on it that lubes and swells the seal and then I let the oil drain into the empty tank to lube the bottom valve seals. So far this always works. It would be best to do this once a month, but I usually forget and only do it when it sticks.

  2. I was told to turn the water off, press to flush, and then rub vaseline around the seal. This is on my Lance truck camper, but I think it would work for any RV toilet.

  3. We always had to replace our toilet seal about once a year.

  4. Thanks for all the tips. We used plumber's silicone when we reinstalled the seal and everything worked great for awhile. Never thought of vegetable oil...maybe we will give it a go..


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