Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby It's cold outside!

Not much going on around here except trying to stay warm.  Even Cosmo got into the act by stealing his Daddy's sweatshirt for a little extra warmth.....he, he!
He said, " This is what happens when my Mom gets bored!".
I'm still painting on the old truck and thanks for all the great comments on the last post.  I'll have some more photos next post. 
We did order something yesterday that I thought we would never even consider......a portable electric fireplace for inside the fiver.  It is purely a frivolous gift to ourselves.  We have a great little Lasco heater which does a fab job.  (You can find info on the Lasco heater by clicking on it's photo located in the Amazon widget  here on my blog.)  The idea of a "fireplace" on these chilly mornings and evenings....well, we just need a little pampering I guess....something functional and aesthetically pleasing.  We have been carrying the Lasco between the bedroom and living room areas....now the Lasco can stay in the bedroom (perfect size for that area)  and the fireplace will be used in the living room.  Yeah, we are feeling the pain on the electric bill....but it is still cheaper than propane.  Ya know, when we first arrived here, I had envisioned myself lounging by the Colorado river in my shorts....soaking up all that sun and warmth.  Instead, I find myself putting on 5 layers of clothing just to take the furballs out to pee!  And my flip flops....oh my beloved flip flops...have been replaced with socks and shoes!  That's almost criminal!


  1. Probably the only folks in t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops are the ones who travel to Mexico this time of year!

  2. Try to stay warm and enjoy the day!!! Cute picture of Cosmo... LOL LOL
    Have fun & Travel Safe


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