Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunny Days and a Surprise Ending

We have had some wonderful sunny and warm days here.....been outside and enjoying the company of my rv friends here at the park.  The park here has a deck that overlooks the Colorado river.  There is a table with a gas fire pit and one night several of us took advantage of it.  It was a beautiful warm night....full moon.....lots of laughter and friendship.  FUN!  And...nobody turned into a werewolf...always a good thing.....
A note about the ever continuing "refurb printer" story.  I did finally receive a replacement and it works beautifully....but that is not the end of the story "grasshopper"...there is more.  I was suppose to call Epson once I received the printer and was satisfied.  Then they would send me a complimentary set of inks for my "pain and suffering"....LOL!  Anyway, I decide to give it a couple of days before I called...wanted to make sure the dang thing didn't self destruct!  Two days later....all is still well....and I'm making my daily check online of our checking account and "what do I see?".  There is a credit from Epson for the full amount of my refurb printer.  That wasn't supposed to happen....not one of the "many" folks I spoke with said anything about a "free" printer.  I'm assuming that....due to Epson's poor management skills someone overlooked that fact that I was sent another printer.  They assumed that I had simply returned the defective one and was due a refund.  OK by me, and just to show what a nice girl I am.....I won't be making that call about the new inks.....we already have one extra set of new inks left over from the last printer anyway..... So, as it stands right now, I have a fabulous new-to-me printer (that works great) and a complete set of new inks, all at the low, low price of FREE!  LIFE IS GOODE!
Almost forgot....Billy really appreciated all your comments on his evening of b-day suit adventures!  LOL!


  1. You lucked out and I hope you have great success with your printer.

  2. I chuckled when I was reading your post about Billy's incident too!!

    The deck overlooking the Colorado River sounds wonderful!

  3. Wise move not to call them about the free ink! It could spark an investigation resulting in you getting your free printer reversed!

    If you do end up heading over this way in the near future, it would be great to meet up with you. We're here until early April!


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