Monday, January 10, 2011

Try, Try Again....Toliet Repair

We have had a couple of wonderfully warm and sunny days here in Bullhead City.  About time!  Unfortunately, two is all we is cold and very windy!  Yesterday, we finally decided to once again "tackle the toilet"!  As I"m sure you remember ( I know it is forever emblazoned on my wee brain), we had to replace the waste ball on our toilet a couple weeks back.  Thought we had done everything right, but in the next few days things started to deteriorate.  The waste ball was leaking and I was also starting to notice some water on the floor.  Now, the floor water was "clean" water....but I couldn't see where any of the water lines were leaking.  Here is what we found.  It seems that when we removed the old waste ball last time....we neglected to see a small piece of plastic that had broken off into the "key way".  We removed that and started putting everything back together.  Since we still could not see any obvious leaks from the water lines, Billy decided to go ahead and replace all the lines with new ones.  We sat her up.....stuck her over the "hole".....secured her in place and .....whoosh....once again we were in business.  This time we notice that the foot petal operation was SMOOTH as silk and the waste ball just GLIDED effortlessly back and forth.  This am....everything is still in operation and looking good.....and no leaks anywhere!  The morale of this story is, "If at first you don't succeed.....try, try again"!  And one last note....from Billy....he did find an addendum to our current toilet manual.  In the waste ball replacement kit they give you 4 new plastic washers to use when attaching the bowl to the pedestal.  It seems they now recommend taking the new washers and placing them on the bolts used to attach the bowl to the pedestal.  Then reuse the old washers with the nut (just as before)....apparently this adds just the right amount of extra spacing so that you don't over tighten and over-squish (don't you just love all my "high" tech words) the rubber waste ball gasket.  This should improve the overall performance and life of the waste ballSomething we can all get "behind"!


  1. Hope that fixes the problem for good. It sounds like most of my plumbing fixes - always takes at least 2 times. No matter what I do with plumbing, I always end up with a leak the first time. Then, I take it all apart again, put it together and re-tighten, and if I'm lucky this time it won't leak. I'm always amazed when plumbers do this just once and it never leaks, what's with that?

  2. Oh how I hate the toity problems... Hope it all works out for you guys and you don't have anymore problems...
    Have fun (?) & Travel Safe

  3. Gee, I hope I never have to do that, but I am guessing I will.--Do you make RV calls?? :)


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