Friday, April 15, 2011

Cleaning, Sleep deprivation, and Trader Joes

Today is our last in Desert Hot Springs, CA.  We are both ready to move on to Las Vegas.  I spent the day yesterday cleaning the fiver....a really good cleaning....the kind where you bring the ladder out so you can get to all those dust bunnies that live in the the upper atmosphere!  Billy left to get his truck washed and run some errands so he was gone most of the day...that was a good thing.  I don't like having folks underfoot when I'm cleaning....of course, the furballs where here.  They were doing a good job of staying out of my way...somehow they sense when Mama is in a state of "cleaning frenzy"!  By the end of the day...I was exhausted.  Not that cleaning is all that physically exhausting, but the night before had been a rough one.  Little Belle roused me out of bed around 2am for a potty call and I really never did get back to sleep that night.  Today after the dinner dishes were done, I could barely keep my eyes open.  I headed off to bed....yes, it was still daylight, but I couldn't see sitting up in my chair fighting off the "sleepies"till a respectable amount of darkness had fallen.  I think it was around 7:30 and then around 10:30 little Belle is once again needing a potty outing.  Up I was and out we went and then back to bed.  This time I took a allergies were acting up and I also knew it would make me sleepy...and it did!  I was off to dreamland in no time....didn't see the clock again til 5am.  I definitely needed I feel much better today.  Good thing, cause the basement needs packing, the furballs need bathing, and the laundry needs to be done.  Tomorrow we will try to be outta here by 9am.  We enjoyed our stay here at Desert Hot Springs....I love Palm Springs and Palm Desert.  They do an outstanding job with city landscaping it is beautiful.  We were also introduced to "Trader Joes" by our fellow rv friends Rick and Paulette.  We are officially hooked on that little grocery store and I plan on looking for them all the way back to Indiana!  Good stuff!  We love their homemade chicken salad,  their Mango Salsa, their free range chicken, and let's not forgot those yummy pot pies!
Last but not least....we did make it over to the air museum the other day.   The museum itself was nice and we enjoyed our time it worth $14 a piece to get in....we didn't think so.  I did have a bit of excitement while there....we were in the back lot...which backs up to the Palm Springs Airport.  Enjoying watching the planes land and take off.  We saw this Navy Jet land......
Here let me get a little closer look for you......
a big ole wave.....directed right at little old's that for the "right stuff"!


  1. Safe travels on your trip to Las Vegas. As you said in your blog, Paulette and I are big fans of Trader Joe - he's our favorite chef!! I enjoyed the Air Museum but also thought it was just a bit pricey.

  2. safe travels as you head to Las Vegas!!...remember what happens in Vegas..stays in Vegas!

  3. Travel safe as you head to Las Vegas.


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