Thursday, May 5, 2011


We made it into Lafayette, late yesterday afternoon.  The campground here is called the AOK and used to be a KOA.  Unfortunately, it has seen some hard times.  Amazingly, the place has a ton of rvs fact all the 50 amp sites were all spoken for and we had to settle for a 30.  I really can't imagine what all these folks do here, but it is the only rv park for miles so I guess it is "location, location, location".  The folks that run the place are very nice and at least we do have plenty of grass around for the furballs.  You can tell they have had a ton of rain here and more is on the way.  I just hope we don't get back into that pattern of severe weather.  I am going to miss being at the river property, but the drive back and forth to Lafayette was killing us in both time and diesel money. 
We went over and surprised the kids......our grandson, his mom, and our son....they were not expecting us til Friday.  Took them out for dinner at one of our favorite pizza places and really enjoyed seeing them interact as a family.
Today we have a little shopping to do, but I think most of our time will be spent here at the fiver with our "butts" in our easy chairs.  We are both tired from the last few days of travel.  


  1. Glad you arrived safely and are getting to spend time with your family... Always a fun thing to do!
    Have fun & travel safe

  2. Pizza with the grandson and family sounded great! Hope you settle in for a good rest for a while!


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