Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It is HOT!

The photo below of our indoor/outdoor temp gauge....kinda says it all......
As you can see....the outside temp a balmy 99 and the inside......a lovely 92.  Thank goodness the sun would be disappearing into the horizon soon!  Our fiver only has one air conditioner and as you can see it is struggling to keep up.  Unfortunately even if we had two air conditioners, we would only be able to run one.  We only have 30 amps available to us here at the AOK.  There are only a few 50 amp sites available and they were all taken well before we arrived.  Watching the news this morning, I learned we are probably looking at at least another month of this heat.....isn't that just dandy!
Ah well, we just be taking it easy and I have been back at my easel.......
My giraffe painting is coming along nicely....I think!  My interview for PetLife online radio show all about pets of course, is up and running!  If you are interested....check it out here scroll down to Episode 13.  You can also read a bit about the interview here
.......stay cool out there in blogland, if you can and thanks for all the wonderful comments on the sewing and plumbing projects!


  1. It is hot. We're in our motorhome and can only run one air because we have a 30 amp hookup here at the kid's house and we're like you. It's hard to get excited about doing anything in this heat. But your giraffe is so beautiful. I love giraffes.

  2. It is hot in a lot of areas... try to stay cool!!! LOVE your giraffe picture ~ you are so talented!
    Have fun

  3. WOW! That giraffe is gorgeous. Wish I had your talent. :)

  4. When the AC went out in our condo last year, we bought a portable unit capable of cooling 800 sq ft. It's also a dehumidifier and runs on 110! It actually keeps our 1800 sq ft condo cool, so we're hoping we won't need the Roof AC in the fifth wheel. Or won't need it laid plans of mice and men...but it gives us more options at 30 amp sites. Hope this sparks an idea for someone. We also have two heating units from Eden Pure we're taking along.

  5. Your work on the giraffe is progressing very well, indeed! That's going to be quite an expressive picture when you're finished with it. Keep working on it, giraffes are used to the heat.

  6. Wow! We have finally escaped the real hot weather here in the St Lawrence area of NY.

  7. That heat must be miserable. Hope it cools off soon. The giraff is incredible. You are SO talented!


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