Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Projects

As promised, here is Billy's next completed water project.  Our outside shower had been leaking every time we used it and I hated the knobs.  We use our outside shower for washing the it is a must have piece of equipment.  Here is a look at the old......
Bill had already removed the old shower head.
This is the new......yes, we know it is mounted upside down.  That is how it needed to be installed so that the "H" was on the hot side and the "C" on the cold.  Not a big deal to us...and I really like the "lever" style handles for ease of use.
I know....the shower head is a bit large....but, hey nothing is too good for our little furbabies.  The shower head obviously cannot be stored in the box, but it is easily removed and stored in the basement til we need it.
Billy is not the only one who has been working on projects.  Here is a look at my sewing project......
This is one of the completed dining room chairs that I down, one to go! 


  1. Wow great job on the chairs... they are beautiful!!! Ok the shower was good work t oo but wow the chairs! Like I always say you are one talented woman!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. Nice work - on both projects!

  3. Wow, love the chair! So nice to have talent... Tell Bill, great job on the shower too, lol...

  4. Always liked the idea of those outside showers. Had one on our 5th wheel too but didn't keep the 5ver long enough to ever use it.

  5. Love the cooler with filters and you did a great job on the chair. I agree with you about knobs, hate 'em. Give me levers.

  6. Upside down or not, the key is that you know which faucet is the cold water! Great job on the re-upholstery project; I envy those who are handy with needle and thread (or sewing machine, as the case might be).

  7. WOW, I love the new upholstery, good job!!!


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