Friday, July 15, 2011

Sewing Project

I promised a photo of my sewing project.....I'm reupholstering a couple of parson's chairs.  I'm afraid I haven't gotten as far as I would have liked.....
Here is the reason why I have not gotten as far as I had hoped.......
Seems she had her own ideas as to how our weekend should go.....lots of playtime and lots of "what ya doing and can I help".......LOL!  She is just so ding, dang cute!  Ah well, the project will get down eventually.  
Billy had a project he has been working on as well.  I will have to get some photos to share.  He completely reworked our water filter and softener system for the fifth wheel.  He did a great job and now everything is contained in an insulated cooler.  I will share all the details next post.  Now, he is on to yet another working our outside shower system......replacing the leaky faucet!


  1. Such an expressive face on that dog! Just beautiful!

    I like the new material. Don't know why they'd put such light material in an RV. I know it looks bright and airy but not too practical!

  2. No kidding, she's cute. I wouldn't be able to resist those eyes either. So you're forgiven for not moving faster on the reupholster job. Going to be beautiful when you're done though.


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