Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Great Day

Yesterday, I spent the day with my Mom.  My Mom is quite something......she is 70 years young and still as bright and beautiful as ever.  She still works.....two part time jobs...not because she has too, but because she wants too.  Finally.....a day we took to the road together.  We headed over to Delphi Indiana...which is about 30 miles or so north of Lafayette.  There is a neat little Tea Shop that has opened there and we decided that would be the perfect place to have lunch.  We opted for "afternoon tea" which consist of 3 different kinds of "finger" sandwiches, a pot of Blueberry tea, and a lemon puff and cheesecake for desert.  It was wonderful.....very relaxing and fun.  I do so love tea, but I have never had much success brewing with loose tea leaves at home.  Messing with those darn little tea diffusers....well, I just never found one I really liked and I just don't like fussing with them anyway.  Most of the "bagged" tea I have tried....just didn't seem to carry the same aroma and flavor of the loose tea.  At the tea shop I found a solution to my "tea" problem......
This little pot allows you to put the tea and hot water in the top.....allow it to steep a few minutes....and then with a touch of a button you have the perfect cup of tea.  No muss, no fuss....I can make just one or up to 3 cups.....perfect for me.  I so enjoyed the Blueberry tea that I purchased a small bag of it as well.  I feel so special.....LOL!
After the tea shop, we headed to Zionsville.  Another quaint little town in Indiana.  It's main street is lined with little boutiques, art galleries, and bistros.  I so enjoyed the inspiring to see what other artist are doing.  The main street with its brick pavers and beautifully landscaped shops is inspiring as well....I so wished I would have had my time, I promise!  All in all it was a wonderfully relaxing day and best of all it was spent with my MOM.....


  1. Spending a day with your Mom is priceless. I'm so glad you were able to do this. I miss those days. I've never had blueberry tea. Sounds very interesting.

  2. Perfect day!! Wish I still had my mom to do things like that with..Enjoy every minute.
    I'm a tea drinker and you will have to let me know more about that tea pot.. Sounds great.

  3. We love tea also but we don't make it much anymore. Your lucky to have your Mom. I miss mine.


  4. Glad you had time with your Mom...I have been missing mine quite a bit lately. Love that tea pot...may have to check to see if I can get one online.

  5. How wonderful you got to enjoy such a special day with your mom! Loved the Teapot or maker I should say. GREAT idea! The loose leaf tea always taste better!
    Have fun & Travel safe


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