Saturday, August 27, 2011

RV-Improvement Project

Ok so here we go again....another "RV-improvement" project is beginning today.  We have been very unhappy with our faucet in our bath area and we have had some issues with our sink as well.  Yesterday our new faucet and sink arrived and we are going to install them today...I hope!  I plan on taking lots of photos of the before, during and after to share on tomorrow's post.  

We would appreciate all you folks out in blogland keeping your fingers crossed for us!  Cause ya know, nothing every goes according to plan when it comes to RV-Improvement!


  1. Nothing ever goes according to plan with ANY home improvement project. Fingers crossed.

  2. I am crossing everthing ~ lol Can't wait to see photos!
    Have fun

  3. Good luck with your project. No matter what Jim and I tackle it always takes us about three times as long as we think it should. Makes for a lot of excitement.

  4. We are the world's worst do-it-yourselfers! You are bound to do a better job than we would. Good luck.

  5. We are planning two different projects here in the rig...can't wait to see what you do.


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