Monday, August 22, 2011

My new ipad

I have wanted an iPad from day one, but I just didn't really know how much I would use it. The turning point came when Billy and I started sharing my laptop. Sharing a computer is difficult. We both like to spend a fair amount of time on the computer doing different things. Billy does a lot of research and blog reading. I read blogs, books, and do a lot with my photography. We eventually want to get a desktop computer for Billy, but the one he wants just doesn't fit in our budget at present. So, I ordered an iPad 2. We opted for 32 gigs and just the wifi. I have been using it for about a week now and I am absolutely in LOVE!!
With the exception of my photography stuff, I can pretty much do everything else on the ipad. There is a bit of an adjustment to the way some of my apps work. For example, when I use the iPad version of amazon some of the navigation buttons appear at the bottom of the screen instead of at the top. Getting used to the touchscreen keyboard requires a bit of practice as well. But I'm getting better and faster everyday and it is way cool! Reading my ebooks and magazines on the ipad is a dream. I only have one problem. I think I'm becoming addicted to the apple bookstore and all those down loadable apps available to me. Hey.....maybe there is an app for that! LOL!


  1. How fun is that. I've thought about an Ipad but decided not right now. Probably helps to keep the peace at home also instead of fighting over the computer.

  2. Congrats on your new iPad 2. It's a great thing to have on the road that's for sure.

  3. Try the Facetime app (it may have come with the ipad). It's great for seeing the grandkids if they also have a Mac.

  4. Would love to have one for when I'm traveling, but then what to do with all my photography stuff ... it's the one thing that's stopped me from going ahead with getting an iPad.

  5. Glad you're loving your new iPad 2... I would love one too!
    Have fun

  6. More and More technology I don't think I can keep up anymore!


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